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Originally Posted by lapa
You mean the kit he used in some instructional video? it sounds like someone is throwing basketballs against a wall.
That was the Remo kit that was triggered and the sound was extremely edited. If you heard the set played acoustically, without the triggers, it sounded even worse!

You have to remember that Terry was one of the main drivers of electronic drums when they first came out! I think the two best things about Terry's time on the electronic set were that:
1.) it forced him to perfect his meter because you can hear every little mistake on an electronic kit
2.) he learned so much about sound... how to HEAR it and how to CHANGE it.
Originally Posted by lapa
And what's up with those sloppy singlestrokes with his feets?
Um... have you ever heard of flams or drag notes? Do an online search for Terry's "rudiments from hell."

I've been a fan of his for some time and have seen his drum clinic. Zappa's "Live in NY" is my all time favorite album!
Terry's drumset is no longer a drumset, it is a percussion section. It looks massive but just think of it as combining all the different instruments in a percussion section into something playable by one person. Replace the bells/xylophone/marimba with pre-tuned concert toms and there you go! Just like a piano player doesn't use all the keys for every song, Terry doesn't use all the instruments on every song either. He has taken what most people think of as "drumming" and taken it past "percussion." His ideas aren't wholely unique but there are very few drummers with his amount of exposure doing the same thing.

He is a very good technical player with very good 4-way independance and an awesome knack for using the mathematical approach for breaking apart/layering drum parts/music. I have always enjoyed listening to his rhythmic approach to songs; not just the typical 2 & 4 stuff.

Kudos to Bozzio for doing as much as he has for the drumming world. I hope to see him again soon!
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