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Originally Posted by Alexdrum75 View Post
Another great track is "Without you" on Runaway by Bill Champlin: great fill at the intro.
Check out also "Satisfaction" on the same album and then tell me who is the drummer 'cause I'm pretty sure it isn't Jeffrey (maybe is John Robinson)...
To my (limited!) knowledge, the only track with Jeff on that album is Without You. I agree, Satisfaction is very JR. And yes, great opening fill!

Talking of fills, here's a gem for you (if you don't know it already)...

Superstar, by Richard Marx.

You know that fill from How Many Times / Toto (4:05 in), well at the end of Superstar, you can hear the same fill slowed right down, here you can really break it down and hear how it's done.

And here's a challenge for you...

The album View From The Ground by America has no track credits. Have a listen and tell me which tracks you think are Jeff. I have my ideas, but don't want to influence your decision.

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