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Originally Posted by TonyAKA View Post

Buttlefishin' is such a great track, isn't it!?

My all-time favorite for hats is Lady Love Me (One More Time) by George Benson. Again, one handed sixteenths!

A few more I highly recommend...

Lonely Talk, Michael McDonald
Any Foolish Thing, Michael McDonald (Best shuffle in my opinion)
Point It Up, Larry Carlton (The groove at 3':44" in is to die for!)


All Dressed up is really growing on me at the moment. Wrong Side Of The Tracks is awesome. I love the break in the middle of the song, that trademark opening of the hi-hat followed by a nice triplet roll on the snare! =)
Another great track is "Without you" on Runaway by Bill Champlin: great fill at the intro.
Check out also "Satisfaction" on the same album and then tell me who is the drummer 'cause I'm pretty sure it isn't Jeffrey (maybe is John Robinson)...
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