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Default Re: Barriemore Barlow

Heya Everyone! Love all BB's stuff! Especially the usually overlooked TOTRRTYTD and Heavy Horses. Great Latin and jazz back beats thrown in subtly here and there. Someone listen to "Quiz Kid" and tell me what the hell he does when Ian sings "....for a weekend of high life, they'll wine you, dine you, undermine you...." Its just great. The album Minstreal in the Gallery defines progressive rock drumming as much as I would say Bill Ward did with Sabbath. I just had to join this forum to add my suport for Barriemore. Lets get him his own page on DW! I must say I was amazed when he wasnt listed! Anyway, I have real soft spot for Barriemore as I tend to play similar stuff when banging away at my set. He always has a wonderfull round quaility to the whole of his playing even when the immeadiate beat/measure seems blocky and rigidly structured. Also a good mention for those unfaniliar with them. Check out the band -Acid Bath- whose (I believe) Bassist died in a car crash and the band is no longer together but the drummer Jimmy Kyle (although maybe a little rough) had some very Barriemore stuff going on amongst his death metal beats. There two albums are worth a listen or ten. Get past the initial shock off your first listen and I promise you'll grow to love them. Cheers!
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