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Originally Posted by Fish
Although I think it's impossible to rate any drummer as the "BEST EVER", this guy has to come close.

Unfortunately, RUSH have never toured in Australia. Damn shame that. They are not well known over here to crappy mainstream radio stations who would rather plug talentless manufactured "Idol" tools then run great bands who can actually play. But every muso knows them, wants to be able to play like them, and have been waiting 30 years for them to come down under. They would fill stadiums no problem, but I'm not sure they know that.

Peart's solo's are the best I've ever seen, his speed and clinical execution is nothing short of brilliant, that's a personal view, ....would be nice to see live though....
You know, Rush tours where the album sales are. It seems to me if they can Pack the house in RIO, they really should tour Australia. I wish there was a way for the Ghostrider to see this and put it on his ajenda. Autralia is a big country, and I bet Rush would do well there.
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