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Originally Posted by jamsjr44
Vital Information does not suck, I guess you just don't like the music they play. But Barret Browne on bass is a highly regarded bassist. he used to record with Billy Cobham and alot of other great drummers.
I can understand that Browne and Frank Gambale are highly regarded musicians. But I believe there is one reason for it: they all have a unbelieveble technique. But that doesn't say a thing about the musicality. For me Frank Gambale is a "note-screwer": he can play a hundred notes a minute (thats why he's so appreciated), but without any musicality or good harmony.
I'm a trained listener, and I can appreciate music that I don't like, if I notice good harmonical or original things in the music. But this I miss in Vital Information.

And all those big musicians play together, it's a bit of an orgy. But that doesn't mean they are all able to make good music.

Ok, I don't know about Baron Browne, but what I heard of Frank Gambale, I only can say that he's one of te less musical professional guitar players I've ever heard.

Sorry for the hard comment, but I was really really dissepointed. I bet this guys also have good music, or maybe I heard the wrong stuff. It's all possible.
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