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Originally Posted by gretschgal1 View Post

You're right.
That track smokes.
I read in an '02 Paiste article with Mangiacaro and Keltner where Jim had stated one of the things he listens for (and did) with Jeff's tunes was the hat. Keltner's statement that Jeff 'had a beautiful way of playing hi hat', and it's true. Such an effortless, silky way of playing that made anything sparkle.
"Homeboy" is just one example of that.

Thanks for the reminder!

Cool, yeah I really like his hat playing with two hand as well as just one! He always got a nice sound from those paistes..

Cheers alexdrum, ill check that track out. And no im not italian! just a slight (originaly unintentional) play on my name, Tim Hiscocks. I realised what it said after I created numerous email accounts!

P.S. I can confirm another track where he plays absolutely amazing hand-to-hand hi hat is on a track called 'gone Buttlefishin'' on James Newton Howards 'Freinds' album, which was originaly reccomended by Stu-Strib on this thread which I then bought. Thanks again for that reccomendation. Jeff really has played on too many things!

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