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Very true. I shall relate an example:

I had the opportunity of attending a "Battle Of The Bands". The location and time is not important. What is important is the fact that a band of kids had been friends since Junior High and most of them had played instruments during that time as well. The only difference was their drummer had only played drums for several weeks before the big performance.

His repertoire only consisted of hitting the snare and floor tom on every 2 and 4 count of the measure. The bass drum occupied the 1 and 3 counts and every now and then he would include a cymbal crash. His drum set alone only consisted of a snare, bass drum, floor tom, high hat, and crash cymbal (not even a ride cymbal).

The ending result was phenomenal; while some of the other drummers backstage gave a snicker for the "noob" and his "boom...bop...boom...bop" style of playing, the band sounded remarkably well-practiced as though each of them had played together for years. Personally, I was impressed because it proved that it doesn't take years of rudimental practice and procedure to do your job as a drummer. All you need to do is be a "creative metronome" that doesn't lose the time. Simplicity, I've learned, is sometimes what the audience wants more than complexity.

Also, if there was one thing that was nice, it was the fact that this kid had the luxury of moving his drum set onto the stage in one trip within ten seconds. Sometimes, complexity and simplicity doesn't just apply to the music alone...
And the answer is "Yes".
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