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Default Re: Videos of Heel toe bass method

Heel toe and pedal tension:

While I did start with the out of the box low tension, I moved on.

I find that tension, like alcohol is best in moderation. I see no value in cranking the spring so tight you actually have to fight to overcome the pull. And too dead, it's working against you-it lacks action.

I found the best response for any given style is between 1/3 and 2/3 of total spring tension range.

The pedal should be alive enough to rapidly rebound.

I feel sorry for youngsters just starting on this. They usually have to suffere through a super crappy single or ultra crappy double pedal to start on. I played one in July attached to a friends e-kit. It was amazing how much control is lost, and effort wasted due to poor action and construction.

If you guys want to get serious about double kick, make sure you use a solid pedal. Some of the affordable pearl and tama are decent for the money. But almost all of the $69 double pedals I have tried are terrible.

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