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Default Re: Videos of Heel toe bass method

i used to think that having more tension on springs = faster pedals but from DVDs and also at drummerlive2005 i saw that it was the opposite. since then i have detensioned my springs to the extent that my beatere swings back and forth for at least ten seconds after i leave it and voila i'm suddenly a lot faster and have more endurance. seems obvious to me now.


ps: sorry guys but i had to remove the link to the heel toe method as it is copyrighted and its owner specifically asked me to do it. please only post public stuff (videos that are available on quite a few sites). it is hard to tell i know, but if something has good quality sound, size and is as long as this video was then you can be sure that it is meant to be bought. who knows, one day you will want to make an instructional clip and then want paying. and on top of that we don't want Drummerworld to be sued. protect the forum please.
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