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scott phillips is definitely one of my favorite drummers, he so incredibly fresh behind the drumset, his beats and fills are so tasty and rich and fits ab's music perfectly.

ive been jamming to blackbird since the day it came out and i absolutely LOVE it. it puzzles me why these guys dont get more recognition. their sound and music writing is just to die for.

ive been a fan since my own prison but it wasnt really until after ab's first album came out that i realised that scott was becoming a world class drummer and shootme he just keeps getting better and better and his performance on blackbird is ***** out of *****

ps. i keep checking out drummerworlds front page to see if scotts name is there already but i keep getting disappointed. please upload some videos of him and a biography. he definitely deserves it.

Couldn't agree more, chump! ;-)

Scott Phillips is a "champ" of a drummer!

And you are a champ chump, for posting my exact sentiments about SP...

Play On! :-)
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