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Originally Posted by Anchein Vouivra
I'm not really in, and don't dig this "Weckle-Colaiuta-Gadd-Chambers-Steve Smith..." drumming pantheon. They're are too glorified and used by their endorsements as THE DRUM REFERENCE. Too technical and they are all playing fusion which make feel each one sound more and more similar. But it's like always very personal, it's just music that doesn't move me (maybe at the exception of Gadd).
I must agree with you speakig of Steve Smith. He's a hell of a drummer but his band Vital Information really sucks. Totally non-musical. But Colaiuta is a differet thing. for e.g. he recorded Megadeth new album and he played with Sting: and there he proves hes incredible talent and good choice of music.
Weckl and Smith are a bit "too-fusion" and tyhe music really doesn't make it for me eather.
But Colaiuta and certainly Steve Gadd played with a lot of good and different music, that isn't fusion.
One of the few crazy drummers who makes good music is also Trilok Gurtu.

But waching many others is like going to the circus: just waching the drummer doeing crazy stunts and incredible things, without really liking the music :-))
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