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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Jon Cable View Post
Not sure about that Mike; part of Buddys appeal to me was the whole persona, the rants against Dusty Springfield/Osmonds/Country music, and his intolerance for people who wouldn't try to do their best!! OK, so his interpersonal skills may have needed work BUT he was right, he didn't need them. If ya work somewhere and don't pull your weight then you get chewed out, and that what Buddy was doing...AS WELL AS giving 70 years of awesome music from the greatest drummer to ever draw breath!!!
Jon...once again you're right on target! I couldn't of said it any better.

Buddy was Buddy. He "earned" what he got, and where he was. Period. I don't think anyone has ever implied the BR was the "greatest interpersonal communicator to have ever drawn breath".

No one is/was perfect. And I guarantee you, BR didn't think he was either. He was just one of the hardest workers in the business, and he expected nothing less from those around him. His confidence confused people. AND still does.

"Let he who has not sinned...cast the first stone".

Play On! ;-)
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