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Default Re: Your First Concert

Originally Posted by rmandelbaum View Post
here is my take.

Neil played his normal, same every time precise like a machine technical solo. So for a Peart fan that is exactly what you want to see.

First I have to sat Travers in general was on fire! the band was at it's peak. Aldridge's solo was exactly what you would expect from him, lots of fire, lots of flash, It was great.

They are two completely different players and they both did what they do best. I would not say one was better then the other they were both great,

If I remember correctly I saw that show at the San Bernardino Swing Auditorium.
Either way what a cool concert and really I think both drummers were at there peak or damn close if my memory is correct that would've been the "Go for what you know" tour for PT and "Moving Pictures" for Rush what a show indeed.

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