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Default Jon Theodore

I'm surprised no one's mention this unbelievable talent yet. (well maybe they have, im just too lazy to view all the threads, in any case i feel like talking about him).

The Mars Volta is absolutely mind-blowing...anyone who's listened to De-loused in The Comatorium would agree, and Frances the Mute is equally as inspirational.

This guy knows how to pound the hell out of the drumset, but he comes from so many places, if you listen to songs like L'via L'viaquez, those latin beats make me wanna get in a congo line

This guy is really somthing, and he's even better live, you just can't beat the kind of energy that he spews during a show.

Not to mention, he uses a really nice kit too, Ludwig Vistalites, and their sound really matches his style of drumming.
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