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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

I've just launched a Podcast series for drummers, and it contains some great insight into the careers of both Buddy Rich and Stan Getz. Episode #01 includes interviews with Cathy Rich, (Buddy Rich's daughter) Bev Getz, (Stan Getz's daughter) and an exclusive interview with Donny Osborne. (named as Buddy Rich's protege when he was 14, and at age 17, hired by Mel Torme, where he remained for 25 years.)

You can download it (free of course) at

The total time of the Podcast is 1 hour, 35 minutes, so be warned... It is a LARGE file. (95 MB for the QuickTime version and 85 Mb for the (iPod) "m4v" version. But, there are so many great stories on it, I think it's worth the wait for the download. (or if you prefer to watch the QuickTime version in your browser, it's set up for streaming.)

Enjoy, everybody!

PS> Guys, don't waste your time listening to, or thinking about these stupid "bus tapes". What Buddy gave us is nearly 70 years of great music and great drumming. Anything else that went on behind the scenes is irrelevant, at best.
- Mike James
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