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Default Re: Stanton Moore here

Stanton Moore and Brian Blade are my favourite drummers right now. I had an epiphany and these guys have opened my eyes and thanks to them, changed my approach to drumming. I am no longer interested in the flash and machine like quality alot of drummers eminate ( we all know who they are), but the art of the feel which Moore and Blade, Gadd all manifest in their playing. I was at a Gadd clinic a while ago earlier this year or later last year that was sponsored by Zildjian. A fellow from the crowd asked steve who his favourite drummers were at the moment and he referred to Stanton Moore as his favourite because of the feel he has while he plays and the feel that shows in his drumming, or something to that effect.

I can appreciate all drumming but I don't find those flashy videos, drumsolos appealing or enjoyable to watch. The beat is where it's at and I think Moore, Gadd are kings of the beat. Of course we can't forget the past greats who inspired these guys.
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