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Originally Posted by ManCannon View Post
I don't want to ruffle anybody's feathers here but I always found Peart to be somewhat wooden and lacking in feel. Sure, he's technically great and creative but I just don't think he has much feel. Of course Rush/Peart fans think this is blasphemy...

I'll come right out and say it:

Peart is influential and really good, but his lack of feel knocks him considerable down on the list of greatest drummers ever.
I disagree. I dont think he could have become such a legend without having a feel. Sure he kinda looks like a piece of lead while he plays (i dont remember who said that on this forum but its the best way for me to describe it) but i dont see how he doesnt have a feel. Listen to songs like La Villa Strangiato and Subdivisions.
I guess we probably have different views but I just dont think he is lacking feel.

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