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Default Just got back from seeing QOTSA...

And it was the best I have ever seen them, an hour since they finished and I'm still buzzing.

I know this may be irrelevent to some, I don't know how many fans there are on DW. Joey Castillo was amazing, all the critics who bash his style should be shot. Tonight he was impeccable, his intensity and accuracy blew me away.

For those who are interested, the setlist was great.

Sick, Sick, Sick
do it again
feel good hit of the summer
misfit love
into the hollow
3's & 7's
Era Vulgaris
Turnin' the screw
little sister
burn the witch
you can't quit me
in the fade
song for the dead
go with the flow
hangin' tree
monster in your parasol
leg of lamb
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