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Default Re: Dont tell me what to do!

Bermuda is right about the pecking order within the perameters which he outlined. However, if you have no leader per se, & you are playing to the best of your abilities and still can't get to where the others want you to be, then maybe it's time to find a more suitable situation to be in, nothing wrong with that.
I struggled for years with double bass, I can use it tastefully but as much as I've tried, I simply can't achieve the fast ripping fugga dugga & blast beats that some bands want. Maybe it's because I'm 6'4" & my legs are way too long, or maybe this or that, whatever the reason, it doesn't keep me awake at night anymore. I do what I can do well & I still get calls for gigs & session work, so I just stay with what I like & work within my limitations.
I really don't care that much for fugga dugga anyway, but that's my problem. I'm happy to recommend someone who excels at it.
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