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Default Re: Dont tell me what to do!

If the singer is also the bandleader, then you do what he says.

Drummers (or any musicians) don't always get to play what they want. And those who insist on doing so usually just start their own bands to have it their way.

Ultimately, once you become known for your playing sensibilities, there will never be a question when you're hired for a gig or a session. But remember, even Vinnie gets hired to play 2&4, and cheerfully complies. He doesn't arbitrarily throw in chops... he does what the producer/artist wants.

The old saying is true: He who pays the piper calls the tune.

Whether or not the song in question needs a different part, the person in charge of the group decides what it will sound like.

Sorry, but that's a big part of what being a drummer is about. Even Paul told Ringo what to play on more than a few occasions.

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