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Originally Posted by Wavelength View Post
Recently I've felt that the spring in my hi-hat stand (Yamaha HS950) is too tight even in its loosest setting, and if I were to lower the footboard angle (which I'd like to experiment with) the spring compresses even tighter. Do you happen to have any ideas on how to loosen up the spring or even change it altogether?
The stand should have a spring tension setting somewhere, but maybe not.

Most hardware stores have a selection of springs. The springs used in hi-hat stands aren't particularly exotic. Remove your spring and take it there. You should be able to find springs of the same size that have different tensions. They're cheap and you can get a few and see what works for you.

Depending on the construction, you may be able to cut the spring. Shortening it would reduce its strength, but it might not fit inside the stand anymore. You should wear eye protection and gloves when cutting springs with a bolt cutter or hacksaw because the metal is very high-grade, tough and under considerable internal tension, so springs behave unpredictably when cut.
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