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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Thanks for letting me know Bill. Looks like will all have to wait till NAMM to hear more about it and actually hear one in the flesh down the road.

Actually I'm very well set for Agop rides myself but still have interest in this new ride and other "surprises" coming out soon. What i'm really hoping for is a production issue of the 06/25th alloy 14" and 15" hats. This would be a nice finishing touch to my collection and a great compliment to my 06 and 25th alloy cymbals. Already let Noel at Heartbeat Percussion the Canadian Agop guy to see if he can snag me a pair well at NAMM or get some shipped from Agop to us after NAMM. We'll see.

My 14" med. weight Agop Signature hats are killer so i'm anything but Agop high hat deprived at the moment so i'm willing to wait to see on these 06/25th hats down the road as a alternate pair of hats to add to the family.

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