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Default How to get out of a musical rut? (Music in general)

I'm in a severe musical rut lately. I don't mean really creatively on the drums, I mean when it comes to listening to and playing music in general. Honestly I don't listen to music as much as most here do. My CD collection is terrible, consisting of most of the 90's music I listened to growing up with some random things. Some Rush albums, Police, Elvis Costello, Clutch, John Mayer, Govt Mule, a few STP albums, pretty broad, but still pretty slim. Whenever I jam with others and we want to do a cover song, I can NEVER think of anything, and if I do, half the time I know the song, but I can't remember how it goes as far as the drum part is concerned.

So where can I start to not only get more acquainted with music that I already know, but don't "know" drum wise (with the people I play with there is a lot they want to cover). Where would I start to discover new things? Of course buying CD's gets expensive, and I'm sort of on the fence regarding downloading music, so is there an online place where I can pay and have access to a library of music that I can just listen to? It would be great to want to be able to hear a particular album and be able to do so without having to buy it or download on demand thing that again, I expect to pay for.
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