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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Snowdogyyz View Post
By the way guys, the cat is finally out of the bag on the new signature AGOP cymbal. He loaned them one of Tony William's rides he has to reproduce the sound.


Lenny White Joins Istanbul Agop Artist Roster. Signature "Epoch" Ride To Be Released 2008

Istanbul Agop / Alchemy Cymbals is pleased to announce that Lenny White has joined the Istanbul Agop Artist Roster. Early in 2008 we will release a new 22” Lenny White Signature"Epoch" Ride. The Istanbul Agop Lenny White Signature "Epoch" Ride was developed via a collaborative process between Lenny, our master Cymbalsmiths in Istanbul, Turkey and our product specialists in The United States and is heavily inspired by a ride given to Lenny by the late, great Tony Williams. Said Lenny, “I met the gentlemen at Istanbul Agop in 2006. After hearing and playing the cymbals they were making and seeing how they were doing it, I knew that they could actually create a ride cymbal that would have that vintage sound that I’ve always loved.” The ride is made from Istanbul Agop’s own special B20 alloy. A combination of more advanced hand hammering, shaping and lathing techniques give it a dry, yet cutting, full sticking sound with a thunderous, dark crash.

Lenny began his recording career on Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and gained further recognition as a member of Return To Forever and has since maintained his status of one the most sought after and influential fusion drummers of all time.

Istanbul Agop Cymbals are hand made in Istanbul Turkey, and combine cutting edge designs with traditional handmade craftsmanship. Each one of our cymbals is as unique as the artist who plays it.

Yes I was told to sit on this info but it appears now that Agop wanted it out before the Winter NAMM as this release has indicated. More Agop " surprises" in store too but will all have to wait till NAMM for those.

Along with this Lenny White ride and whatever else is in the works should be a very exciting year ahead regarding Istanbul Agop. Can't wait!.

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