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That's a rather sweeping generalization to make about the audience of one of the most popular punk bands ever, isn't it? You've said this a couple of times, which kinda makes me wonder who really has something to prove by how "hardcore" the music is that they listen to.

Guess the conversation's over, eh? The final authority has spoken.
The generalization is so true, if Lamb Of God had every new single they put out played non-stop on the radio they'd be just as famous as Green Day. As said earlier Green Day is a lyric band and so is Lamb Of God (go and read some of their lyrics) with an incredible singer, plus Chris Adler who could eat Tre alive. And if you say no one would like the screaming and gore grind eventually everyone would be accustomed to it and love it.

I AM the final authority and I have spoken, there is no debate who would be better, any heavy thrash band or Green Day. The outcome is unanimous. The heavy metal band could play anything Green Day could (and sing aswell) but Green Day couldn't play anything the thrash band could play (or sing).
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