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You don't get it, Tre plays the most perfect fills. I wouldn't say that metal drummers play fitting beats all the time. What do you listen to? Tre's beats simply cannot get any better. And he also never plays off time, or hes using a click track. Your "theory" about soccer moms and kids listening to Green Day isn't strong enough to win against my point.

Well the majority of the people like "pop" or popular music, and makes you the minority.
But it's so easy to play in time especailly when your occupation is to play drums! You'd have so much time and equipment with all his money to make it so easy to play everything he does perfect. Metal drummers like Chris Adler, Mike Smith, Joey Jordison have very 'fitting' beats and can play everything in synchronisation with the entire band like Tre does, but metal is much harder and strenuous compared to pop music. The band is so ridiculous, and so is pop/chart music.
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