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Default Re: Lead singer from Quiet Riot found dead!!

Originally Posted by Muckster View Post
I always though that "Twilight Hotel" was Kevin's best performance.

He will be missed.
I agree with you... I saw Kevin and drummer Frankie Banali at a local steakhouse last year. I walked in and we had to wait to be seated. I was going to sit down on the bench behind me but there were two guys sitting on it. I said to my girl, these guys look like the guys in Quiet Riot. I hadn't seen them in years so ... I wasn't sure. A few minutes passed by and the waitress yells... seating for Kevin. I said to my girl, that is them!! I didn't bother to interupt them while they were eating but now I wish I would have or at least waited until they left. It turns out they were on tour and playing at a near by club. A few days later i went to Frankie's website, looked around and decided to email him and tell him how I was a fan in the 80's and how I saw him the other night... blah blah.. He actually wrote back and told me how he enjoyed the steakhouse and I should have come over and said hi.

Here is Frankie's myspace

Here is his website

There is only a message and a picture up on his site. He took the site down on Monday. You could send him a message of support on his myspace. I know he will read and appreciate them. He's a class act and a solid no BS drummer.
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