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Default Re: ..could use some advice on mix

There are two dynamic mics almost touching the cab and one condenser about 2 feet back or so. Ill check its phase it's most likely a little out.

- The guitars have a large range but like you said the lows are too loud and they cover up everything else. I did roll off around 80 to make room for the kick and bass and I made cuts to open up the snare and soon to be re-recorded vox, so I really just need to fool around with the lower end settings.
- As far as drums go, I think the idea of compressed bus and an open bus is pretty good and I'll give it a try. There is deffinately something lacking that I need to work out. Individually everything sounds decent but together they could do so much more.
- The vocals weren't recorded how I planned and when they are redone, the initial sound should be a lot cleaner. From there I usually add a little verb and sometimes delay (usually for clean vox) but I'll give it a try on the raspy stuff.
- Bass volume is rather inconsistent and even with my cuts and level changes it fluctuates which is why I'm pushing the lower end to the normal guitar. I rolled off around 70 to make some room and I'll try to see if I can use it to cover lower end more than it already is.

I'm going to start over and get everything edited and mixed with (hopefuly) a better result.
Sleepy Bright Eyez thanks for that large post and all of your suggestions you're really helping me out.

Ill post my new result in here as soon as it's done.
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