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Default Re: ..could use some advice on mix

The post before sums up my suggestions, but I really can't quite feel right with that rhythm guitar. It sounds like the frequency range is narrow and low, so it seems as though its stifled some, but its so loud in the mix that it is dominating. What distances from the amp were your mics placed, because I would agree, it sounds like some phases cancellation. Also, that intro lead guit. hit feels like it has too much reverb on it. Bring up the snare in the mix too, and really crank the bass to cover for where the rhythm guitar needs adjustments. The lead guitar part doesn't fill enough of the song for my liking but thats the musicians' choice.

The rhythm guitar kinda sounds like what I get from GuitarPro when I crank that hard and use the distortion guitar sound- meaning it sounds sort of midi-electronicy (very forced and unnatural).
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