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If his parts are perfect, his drumming is perfect. The song calls for what he plays. If he was replaced with Travis Barker, Green Day would NOT be a popular band. Anyone could probably play his beats and fills they are not complicated, but it's what the song calls for. Green Day is a band based on the lyrics, not complex instrumentals. Kind of like the Beatles.
Correct, the band isn't known for Tre Gay it's just soccer mums and their little kids who think they're hardcore listening to it on the way to do their weekly grocery shopping that makes them popular. Unless you are 'good' at an instrument you have a good sense of music, not wanna-bes. This thread is ridiculous, he's not a signifcant drummer that you can actually talk about his postitive stand out points, so it shouldn't exist. Some emo tryhard music they broadcast easily sucks people in these days because barley anyone has a sense of good music, like Slipknot is the new emo-girl band that everyone thinks they're hardcore if they listen to it because they wear masks, scream, etc. Everything is to publicised, like Tre, it's not all that 'good'.
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