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Originally Posted by tak22thegoat View Post
Green Day is a band based on the lyrics, not complex instrumentals. Kind of like the Beatles.
That made me chuckle.

I disagree on two points. Firstly, Green Day isn't a band based on lyrics. There are some brilliant lyricists out there (e.g. Andrew Bird, James Russel Mercer, Conor Oberst- and that's just contemporary music), but ole' Bill Armstrong ins't one of them. Their music is based around his ability to rearrange his limited chord lexicon, not his verbal one.

Secondly, I am not sure that I agree that the Beatles music was based around lyrics. They were Lennon and McCartney wrote some fantastic lyrics, but they also revolutionized the musical world with all their production ideas and such.

Back on topic though, I will admit that I think Tre is a pretty good drummer. When I first started playing I was pretty inspired by his stuff.
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