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Default Re: Brian "brain" Mantia

Originally Posted by hateplow
I'm a big herb fan, too. I think I wanted to dislike Brain at first, just because I was pissed that herb was out of the band.
He has grown on me, though. He some some great handspeed, and great groove. He just lacks the double-bass integration that herb has, taking the hard edge off.
It's really a feeling I hate, everytime I play and i'm trying to be a bit in a Herb style I find myself sounding more like Brain..........still far from him but closer than Herb!!! No one can imitate the almighty Alexander. Brain's has a much "logical" and natural/instinctive playing.
I've learned to appreciate Brain's style but with other records than Primus (except "shake hands with beef", that one really got me).
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