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Hi! It's my first time here. I'm from Poland and I'm a huge fan of Dave A and P.J. I think that he was the most energetic drummer of Pearl Jam. Dave Krusen was a more"filling" drummer. So it's hard to choose who was better. To this day I listen to Ten and VS every day. my favorite albums of PJ. I love Dave A's cymbals playing. It's awsome. If you want to know what's goin' on with him check this . He's a cool guy I don't like Matt Cameron... sorry peoples for me he sucks. He screws up my favorite song of P.J. JEREMY. It doesn't have THIS specific climate. Too many "potatoes" (in Poland we say POTATOES in drumming if someone plays too much on toms - you know, it sounds like someone dropped potatoes on stairs). Basicly he doesent fit to this "heavy rock" band of nineties - what P.J. was in Dave A's times. Since Matt started playing with them they started to be such an oldies band. Yeah... they have some cool stuff with him, but... sorry for what i have to like he's playing?? Summing up i want to say That my best drummers are: 1.Dave Abbruzzese, 2.Sean Kinney (A.I.C.), 3.Dave Krusen 4.Mike (PUFFY) Bordin (Faith No More)

It's very cool site... take care peoples, greetings
P.S. sorry for my english but i'm not native speaker. See ya
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