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Default Re: why was my thread deleted

PLaN-Z: Your post was deleted because you broke the rules. No vulgarity. And on a side note it always amazes me when someone complains because of all the time they spent writing something that got deleted. If something that you write means that much to you then why don't you save it? It takes two seconds to highlight something and hit Ctrl-C. And maybe if you spent a fraction of the time reading the rules that you did writing your opus then maybe it would still be here. You won't, however, because of your continued swearing in other posts. Thanks for stopping by.

SmoothJazz: Thanks, I think everyone knows who moderates this forum.

drummerchick435: Religious and political discussions here historically turn bad. The last thing I want to do is moderate another such discussion. It's a no win situation. There are much better places on the Internet to discuss theses things.

Jon Cable: Thank you. Anyone who understands and appreciates what we are doing here and can be bothered reading and following the rules is welcome. Those who can't, aren't. Just that simple.
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