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I must admit, AVH was definately one of my bigger influences in the 80's. Still is I guess.
He is in my top 5, along with Neil Peart (my No.1) , Bonzo, Jeff Porcaro and Tre Cool, all of them for different reasons, but that's a personal view, everyone's would & should be different, as is everyone's tastes.

I think trying to compare or rate one drummer against another is a waste of time and is unfair to the drummers in question. They aren't in competition with each other, they have to fit the band and the style of music they play.

As I live in Australia, I have only had 1 chance to see VH live, in 98, with Gary Cherone....yes....I know....what a mistake. But the band ROCKED, AVH was great, with EVH and MA going nuts together, truely amazing outfit.

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