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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Originally Posted by Erik Lund View Post
Well okay. But what other bands did he play in? Were people clamoring to get him in their band? What I meant by the Moon comparison is that Copeland's playing seemed perfectly suited for that band. His feel/influences seemed to really give that group their specific sound, much like Moon. But I couldn't imagine Moon playing with another group and I haven't heard a band that would utilize Copeland's strengths with what he did with the Police - those reggae-inspired grooves, etc.
Put that way it makes sense. The Police did utilize his reggae-strengths perfectly, and he probably wouldn't have ever sounded better with anyone else. I agree with that. I just think he could have done lots of non-reggae influenced stuff. Somewhere near the beginning of this thread is a very impressive list of songs he worked for movies and the like that no doubt requires serious versatility.
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