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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Originally Posted by Erik Lund View Post
Do you think Copeland was pissed when Sting went off and did a bunch of years/albums/tours with strictly jazz musicians? Was that the reason for his [laughable] quotes? Dunno. Anyway - good drummer. Good in one band (like Moon in the Who...Probably wouldn't care to hear him in another group) and that's all you need in this world.

Fortunately, despite being a "jazz drummer" I get laid sometimes too.
I disagree.

I think that Copeland would have been great in lots of groups for many of the reasons that Moon wouldn't have been.

Moon's problem was twofold: overplaying and timing (and you could certainly break that down further to other problems like technique and such, but generally speaking, these were the main issues).

Copeland had excellent timing and rarely overplayed. Most of his major fills came in real rockers (e.g. Bombs Away), however on tunes like Murder By Numbers, it is really tasteful and fitting.
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