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Originally Posted by boomboomda View Post
I found a big sheet of plastic in my garage today, tossed in the garbage, got it back out
and made myself a music stand.
So I don't have to carry the one I have in the house back and forth.
The sheet of plastic was probably more expensive than a stand, but before I throw it away
I thought le me try it.
I cut it to the size I needed it drilled a hole in the top, glue a 90 degree angle aluminum
on the bottom and mounted the whole thing on a cymbal clamp on holder I had left over.
Here are some pics.
BTW it looks like the cymbal hit the stand , but there is enough clearance.
Very cool! Using scraps is great. Gluing the aluminum strip was a smart move. How much did you have to shell out? Sounds like you had most everything on hand.
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