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Originally Posted by kepplehall
I really get a kick out of people who denounce MP and DT anytime they are given the chance, the only reason having to be sheer ignorance.
Oh, come off it. There's plenty of reasons to dislike either beyond ignorance - Portnoy's technique is pretty bizarre, his drum kit is excessive, and as for DT... well... yes. Men in leather pants making "one foot on the monitor" poses while shredding or singing lyrics like "As a child, I thought I could live without pain" about a quarter tone away from the right pitch. Enough said.

Portnoy is a very capable drummer and most of DT can play (LaBrie aside. Ugh) but they are way, way, way overrated by many young musicians. There are plenty of people playing harder, more original, more involved pieces of music out there with much better technique. They just don't get the same degree of worship that DT do.
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