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Yeah those neck bends are terrible for the guitar. Supposedly countless guitarists have snapped their necks while doing it. Luckily i have a schecter C-1 Classic and it is "neck through" which means its all one peice, they did not attach the neck to the body of the guitar. Doesnt mean it still ok to do em.

What you can do though, is push down on the strings on the head stock (the part of the strings to the left of the 1st fret if you are a righty guitarist).
I don't like doing that, I prefer neck bends. I don't do it on other peoples' guitars though under any circumstances. I might have a chance to borrow a twelve string Rickenbacker at some point so if I do, I'll get pictures of that one. I have two glue-in necked guitars and my bass is a bolt-on; I'm using a Line 6 Variax as well which is a glue-in and I nearly got a through-necked bass a little while back. Played like a beauty.
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