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Erik Lund
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

Michael you sound like every other non-Pat fan out there. You used to say "any given Sunday" blah blah blah - and now it's "Oh the league is so non-competitive"

If the Pats face the Boys or the Packers in the Superbowl, there's a chance the two teams will be 16-0/15-1. Never happened before. And it took a bunch of Stevie Wonders out there ref-ing the Pats/Colts to keep it competitive - but the top teams are all very good. Just because there are some Dolphins and Jets and 49'ers out there doesn't mean it's not the most competitive league in sports - 'cause it is. So keep watching for another 40 misguided years and enjoy your team.

Play on? Maybe you should sit out the next couple plays.
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