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I really get a kick out of people who denounce MP and DT anytime they are given the chance, the only reason having to be sheer ignorance. I was the "obsessed MP fan" at one time, I really respect and admire the man, he is an inventive and intelligent player. I bought transcription books and all the actual studio videos and learned many many songs note for note and they are some of my favorite songs to play for fun, namely anything off of Awake or A Change Of Seasons. Lately I am not so much the die hard fan I once was, the latest album really let me down. I do think the kits can be a bit excessive, but I also know that playing on a larger kit is a lot of fun and opens up variety wise what you can express. The Siamese Monster is two kits, one smaller kit attached to the side of his more standard set up, he likes to use a smaller kit on some songs and the other kit on other songs, if I had the means to just have two kits on stage and go back and forth I would too. One reason I like being a drummer so much is that "most" other drummers are really nice and respectful of one another. There is tons of music out there that I wouldn't buy or listen to but I can at least respect what they achieved. If you compare the forums of drummers to guitarists you can see a drastic ego change, many guitarists are really harsh to one another like it is some kind of stupid race. Mike Portnoy may not be the technique titan that Thomas Lang is or the varied monster that Sean Reinert is or as fast as that crazy mofo from Theory In Practice and it is worhtless to compare any of them, but you know what, he is a damn good drummer and a hell of a nice guy, not to mention his instructional videos are right up there with Steve Smith's in being well done and being able to really get something out of it, I would certainly buy the man a beer.
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