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Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Amazing - Microsoft succeeded early on by encouraging sharing and use of its software on different computers. Macs originally struggled because they kept everything proprietary and inflexible. Now, we see Microsoft going the closed route and of course it's flopping.

Personally, I keep far away from the iPod and iTunes. I use some mongrel mp3 player that doesn't try to commandeer all my entertainment choices like iTunes does. I want a simple music player, not a cross-architected digital entertainment solution that tries to take over every thing I do. Listening to tunes has gotten so hard with licenses and stuff that I just go back to my cassette player sometimes - no licenses or auto expiration or any other BS. Just the music.
word, itunes on windows is so hard to loose.. i think apple makes some good products but the whole aac thing just doesnt float my boat
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