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Okay! First off im gonna say that i am completely unbiased since i am not a fan of any one team. I just like football :), so i follow it. I dont know why im not a fan of a team, im just not nationalistic like that i guess... oh and im only 16 so i dont know much history in the NFL.

Anyways, on the topic of the NFL being competitive or not, sorry michael drums, but I'm gonna have to side with nhzoso. I mean, its uncompetitive in the sense that some teams are just ridiculously better than others (as proven by the embarassment the bills got from the pats as everyone knows...) (and by last years superbowl and the AFC vs. NFC duel, I mean come on, we all know that the AFC is home to MUCH better teams than the NFC, and its shown by the past few superbowls, the AFC's been winning, a lot!). BUT, it is quite competitve. For example, last years AFC championship game, both teams played their hearts out, it wasnt a walk in the park for either of them. I mean, EVERY game each team plays their hearts out, we never see blowouts that often to be honest. The Pats are getting lucky, or the other teams have just gotten unlucky. Like the Colts, half their team is injured, the Chargers, teams have finally found out how to stop LT, the Bears, their Defense is finally not carrying their team anymore.

In this year, we've seen A LOT of changes in teams effectiveness. The first 5 picks of this year's NFL draft (i think?) are now like above .500 now (not 100% on this, but i think its pretty close to that). And the teams that were great last year are in desperate need of rebuilding. I mean thats a pretty competitve league to me... one year apparently changes A LOT in this league.

To sum it up, things are constantly changing in this league. Any team can win on any given sunday, and thats why seeing a dominating team like the pats should be embraced, and not hated on, for this only comes about very few times in the NFL.

EDIT: ooo nhzoso, thats a low blow. Ouch! comparing his vision to the blind stevie wonder, oh thats harsh!
It's ok, grocery! ;-)

It's possible 2 people can be missing the point. And you just happen to be one of them.

Uhh...Sorry! With all due respect, of course!

And I'm not worried about what a Patriots', bandwagon jumpin', fan(atic) thinks. (nhzoso)

Really I'm not...

Happy Thanksgiving! :-)
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