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Originally Posted by michael drums View Post
Sour grapes?? Are you kidding? That doesn't make sense, man!

If there's no other team at, or near, the level of the Patriots...The competition level is less than adequate! It doesn't matter if the other teams are competitive within themselves, if the Patriots are so far above the rest.

Come on, Pats fans. I know it's hard to admit it! I can understand. You think everybody wants to knock down the best team, for the sake of knocking them down.

Well, I can tell you one thing...I'm NOT one of those persons! I actually like the Patriots, and was pulling for them in EVERY SB they played in - XXXVI, XXXVIII, & XXXIX, which they won all 3!

Play On! ;-)
Well they actually have played in 4 SB's but got there asses handed to em by the Bears in 85, Who coincidentally many consider one of the best teams in history. But according to your argument I guess they are all wrong also. I mean they spanked every team and won the SB by a record margin. It was'nt even close so I guess because they smoked everyone the competition was a joke.. I guess you can make that argument for every championship team.

It's not the Pats, Bears, 49ers, Steelers fault that they were so much better than every other team that it made it look almost unfair. Come on man like I said a team like this comes along once a decade and the Pats are this decades. Whether a Pats fan or not if you can't see that then there is no point in arguing any further. It;s not like the Pats have spent 30 million more than any other team, this is through drafting, trading, and not overpaying players IE: Vinatieri, Branch, McGinest, Samuel. To do what they are doing in this day and cap is truly remarkable and you may never see it again.

Oh yeah don't forget that the 49ers lost again, Looks like the Pats are a given for a top 5 pick which knowing them they will trade and get much more than they would have by using it. Who knows maybe Detroit can pick another WR....LOL I LOVE IT!
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