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Originally Posted by TheGroceryman View Post
Okay i think its safe to say that the Pats ARE the most dominant team the NFL has ever seen, i mean Tom Brady already has 37 TD passes, on pace for like 59, practically decimating Peyton's record, Moss already has 15 or so TD receptions, a franchise record, they have scored at least 34 points in EVERY game, (except Colts game, that one doesnt count...), TB has thrown at least 3 TD passes in every game, i mean... their Defense holds the opponent to like im guessing an average of lower than 20 points... I mean, if that doesnt spell unbeatable i dont know what does.
Thanks Groceryman, for exemplifying my point. The NFL is NOT competitive.

Everything you just said proves my point. And that makes the NFL quite boring, actually.

But, before you get all in an uproar, I won't take anything away from the Patriots and what they've accomplished (so far) this year. Like I've said before, I'll give credit where credit is due...I mean, they STILL have to go out there and play football. And they are definitely playing better than every other team.

But I'm gonna stop short of calling them "the most dominant team the NFL has ever seen". I mean, come on! That's coming from a biased person( A Patriots fan) You may need to go back and review the past SB winning teams in the history of the league, and see for yourself the "competitiveness" of the league during those years. I'm sure you'll agree there's A LOT less nowadays.

I sure hope, for you Pats fans, that they DO win in all this year. 'Cause I can imagine how you'll feel, if they choke! :-(

Good Luck! ;-)
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