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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

well if your argumnet is that the league in not competitive than you are probably right to a degree, not many are competitive with the Pats but this is something very special which in this day and age you won't see again. The Pats are like the dynasty's of old, Pitt in the 70's Dallas 70's and 90's S.f. 90's but the only difference is that was when there was no salary cap and teams could buy all the players they wanted like the Yankees and Red Sox do in Baseball.

But now with a salary cap and all teams with the same amount to spend to see a team like this come along is very very rare and will probably never be seen again in our lifetime.

I think all teams are within 5-6million of the cap so not sure how much more competitive you can get. If you take the Pats out of the equation the rest of the league is very competitive so that argument is just sour grapes. Just because the Pats look so dominant does not mean that any team on any given Sunday cannot beat them.. Unfortunately for the rest of the league the Pats understand this and prepare very hard every week and it shows.

Game preparation is huge, it's not like they are taking 6 days off in between laying some smack down on the next opponent. They Prepare better than any team in history and thats why they are undefeated and will go down as one of the best if not the best team in history!
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