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Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
I don't think it's a matter of the league not being competitive. The NFL is the best run major sports league in the world and it's profit-sharing and drafting systems are second-to-none. EVERY team shares equally in the TV money and thus there is not the great disparity between the big and small market teams that we see in baseball.

The reason the Arizona Cardinals stink every year is because the owners decide to pocket the money and not spend it and because of poor management of the money that they do spend.

I think you're just unwilling to admit that the Pats are that friggin good. I guess scoring SEVEN straight touchdowns on their first seven posessions of the game just means that the Bills stink. Well, when John Madden says that this is the best offense he's ever seen and that Brady is having the best season of any quarterback, ever, I think guys like us should shut up and listen.

Well Jeff...

Aparrently you haven't watched much NFL football this year. If you don't think it's a matter of the NFL not being've got blinders on.

It's got NOTHING to do with TV money. More to do with free agency, and which owners wanna spend the money for quality players.

Yes, the Patriots are playing absolutely incredible right now. You can't argue with a 10-0 record and an incredibly efficient offense. But to bring up what John Madden says, as if he's the Grand Poobah...PLEASE!

He sticks his foot in his mouth more than anyone! :-(

It's his opinion, and nothing more...until next week, when he changes it.

Look, I give the Patriots alot of credit, they're unbeatable right now. But you can't deny the fact that the non-competitiveness of the other teams in the league is quite real.

I mean, look at the Ravens this year. The Chargers. The Bears. Really good teams LAST year. But now. UGHH! :-(

Play On!

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