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I don't think it's a matter of the league not being competitive. The NFL is the best run major sports league in the world and it's profit-sharing and drafting systems are second-to-none. EVERY team shares equally in the TV money and thus there is not the great disparity between the big and small market teams that we see in baseball.

The reason the Arizona Cardinals stink every year is because the owners decide to pocket the money and not spend it and because of poor management of the money that they do spend.

I think you're just unwilling to admit that the Pats are that friggin good. I guess scoring SEVEN straight touchdowns on their first seven posessions of the game just means that the Bills stink. Well, when John Madden says that this is the best offense he's ever seen and that Brady is having the best season of any quarterback, ever, I think guys like us should shut up and listen.
This is going to sound stupid. I do not like American Football as a sport, but we'll leave that outside the thread. There's just a few things I want to say in this thread.

I caught bits of the match last night late-night (couldn't sleep, bad back because of a virus) and the difference in class between the two teams was absolutely astounding. I remember Brady; the amount of time he had to pass was extraordinary, ten seconds or thereabouts and it genuinely surprised me that he didn't get absolutely bowled over every time he got the ball. I'm not a fan of the sport, but even someone like me could see that he really is something exceptional. Sometimes I wish that the sport had true international credentials to see players like him out of the US, but it's never going to catch on in the UK because we're more akin to watching (and playing in my case) Rugby (Union and League), which is a much more fluid game than American Football.

If anyone ever watches the English Premiership, it's pretty easy to tell between the rich clubs and the poorer clubs; but I don't find that to be the case with the NFL. ALL the teams look to be 'rich' and the disparity between the quality of the teams is fairly inexplicable with regards to financial dispositions.
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